See money or die trying (C.$.O.D.T) /

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'Period' single release may 10, 2019

A Rising Star, Singer & Songwriter from Toronto, Canada; Ceyion is getting ready to take the world by storm with his Music - New Age Hip Hop, Pop & EDM.

Ceyion 'period' feat on lottomax x toronto Raptors uprising's 6ixtape

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ceyion 'Money to burn' featured on flow935 made in toronto takeover


An Influencer in the Toronto's world of Business, Marketing and Finance, Ceyion plans to further elevate the community with consultation for start-up business ventures, while also providing tailored financial advice for new/exsisting home owners looking for mortgages, real estate, business financing and financial flexibility within the Toronto Areas.



A Natural Connoisseur of Fashion & Style, Ceyion will be bringing his See.A.King  Premium Streetwear and Urban Couture Designs Online and to a city near you.